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Floren Blom - HKU Game Art Student

As a game artist I like to focus on world building and developing the visual language of a culture or environment, creating engaging narratives
and designing inspiring characters.
I mostly express this with 2D concept art and illustration but am also well versed in
3D modeling/sculpting and technical art.


Aureum Solis 
worldbuilding project

The world of Aureum Solis is one that I designed for a short world building project.
With this project I focused on giving a small insight in the visual style of the environment, architecture and characters, aswell as exploring the culture
of the civilization of Aurum.



Viri conceptart.png

Viri - Character design

Harvest Moon(3).png

Harvest Moon - Concept art

VD callout sheets 3D artist.png

Samik Aman - Character design

Mare Amicis - Concept Art

flamingo finding - AR game



Jules Adrien - Concept art

Kami - Environment Design

More work

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